Allegro Arts

Silver + Origami = Jewelry

Silver Origami, or "metalgami", is high quality jewelry fashioned from sheets of .999 fine silver. Each item is carefully folded by hand, kiln fired, and highly polished. These tiny works of art are a treasure to last for many years.

 Much of the so-called "origami" jewelry you see on line is actually stamped from sheet metal or formed from a mold. My works are true origami. Every piece is folded from sheets of real .999 fine silver, using the exact same folds you would with paper.

You can find Allegro Arts fine jewelry online here, at a few select shops in the St Louis area, and occasionally at art shows or high quality art and craft fairs.

Whats new?

This year, I am applying to several art fairs in the St Louis area for the late summer and fall seasons. I'll post details about where and when as soon as I know if i've been accepted.