The Halcyon Gallery for Contemporary Art, Terra Haute, IN. Nov 2011

 Re-Purpose: recycled items become art

The Halcyon hosted a show entitled "Re-Purpose", with a theme of using recycled everyday items. This show is about art, not jewelry, so I explored some new directions with origami using recycled paper. I collected political junk mail from the local area, and from friends in other cities, which I folded into origami insects. Some were pinned up in shadow boxes like a display at a science museum, others were glued onto a large canvas in a piece titled "Noise Machine" 

Press Release:
The South Gallery is featuring a group exhibition titled “Re-Purpose,” which includes local and regional artists Christy Brinkman, Brenda Chaney, Myke Flaherty, Marsha Garrison, Dick Hay, Aleksandra Krasutskaya, James Owen Loney and Gary Rondeau. Guest curator Heather Loney has invited these artists to display works that are made from found and recycled objects, resulting in an exhibition that is transformative.

Repurposed art utilizes preexisting objects as the materials with which the artist produces a creative product. Many artists have taken the health of the environment to heart as they strive to come up with new ways to find that perfect texture or oxidation, using what they have in their kitchens, back yards and recycling bins to achieve aesthetic goals.

Loney came up with the idea for “Re-Purpose,” inviting artists to recycle everyday objects to create something new and compelling. There were no restrictions on how the items could be used, only that they had a life before the artists reused them for their own purposes. Included in the exhibit are Hay’s ceramic shards mounted on canvas, Rondeau’s political fliers that are transformed into intricate origami figures, Krasutskaya’s colorful re-purposed furniture, Garrison’s Steam-Punk inspired sculptures and Chaney’s old denim jean weavings.